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Nutrition for Health

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When it comes to our overall health these days allopathic doctors are often quick to cure what ails us with a pill or antibiotic or some other form of unnatural band-aide for our condition. What has been long forgotten is what Hippocrates said: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” There was nothing said about loading our systems with medication. This is not to say that we never need to take medication, but not everything that ails us needs to be sorted out with a pill. In fact, with good nutrition, we can often avoid the need [...]

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As we come closer to the end of a long time of physical distancing we are slowly working towards reconnecting with family, friends, and co-workers. This creates such a positive atmosphere after such a long time of having physical distancing measures in place. We have experienced a huge shift in the way we interact, and it seems it will still take time before we can completely return to normal. The recent events of COVID-19 have dramatically altered the emotional climate around the world and have likely caused a permanent change in the way we interact, express our emotions and our [...]

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We Are Here For You

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For many of us who have experienced the lockdowns in Canada, the question coming to the minds of most is– when will we open back up, and when we do, what will that look like? The common phrase tossed about now is “the new normal”, as our health and provincial officials talk daily about how we will again re-open, but that life will not return to the “normal” we are used to. It can cause a conflict of emotions for many as we are eagerly anticipating being able to go to a restaurant again, to get our hair cut, visit [...]

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Heart Health

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For many, February is recognized as “heart health month”. When we consider the statistics for heart-related deaths in seniors it is quite staggering. 84% of those 64 and older will die of heart-related diseases. That is not something to ignore. What can you do to avoid becoming one of the statistics? It is important to reduce your risk of heart disease, and this can be done in small daily steps. Most importantly you should be watching what you eat by staying away from saturated fats, too much salt avoiding high cholesterol foods like fatty meats and focussing more on fresh [...]

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One Gift

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As Christmas quickly approaches it is clear to see by taking a drive past a mall or any store that people are desperately out shopping for those last-minute gifts. To be honest, one has to wonder where all this commercialism came from. Why the need to spend so much to shower people with gifts that will likely be forgotten or sit collecting dust in the months and years to come? People spend and spend until they have nothing left, and worse than that they often buy things on credit and then spend the next year paying it off. I think [...]

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Practice Mindfulness

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You have likely heard of the term “mindfulness”, and perhaps you have associated the term with yoga or some sort of Buddhist activity, but you don’t need to be a Buddhist or do yoga to practice mindfulness. Let’s look at what it means to practice mindfulness. To live mindfully means to live in the present, and this practice has become important in certain types of therapy for all ages. It means to focus on the present moment rather than dwell in the past or worry about the future. For many who are practicing Christians, the term mindfulness brings about concern, [...]

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The Blue Zones

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Have you ever heard of the “blue zones” before? If you have never heard of the “blue zones” they are areas of the world where, on average, people live into their 90’s and 100’s. Not only are they living to a ripe old age, but they are also living healthy, vibrant, active and medical assistance free lives. There are five blue zones in the world, and they are: The Italian island of Sardinia Okinawa, Japan Loma Linda, California Costa Rica’s isolated Nicoya Peninsula Ikaria, an isolated Greek island Dan Buettner was the one who coined the phrase “blue zones” when [...]

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Festive Fall Activities

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As you will have likely been noticing the daylight hours are getting shorter, the temperatures are dipping lower during the night and early mornings, and there are even some leaves changing colours already and – yes falling.  All of this to signify the Fall season is just around the corner. Those lazy days of summer will meld into the advent of sweaters, long pants, and pumpkin spiced lattes that most of us love. For some,  this can mean a slight sadness. Those who find themselves with “cabin fever” during the long winter months may start to feel a pang of [...]

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Getting Away

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When was the last time you took a vacation? Time out away from your job and everyday life? On average North Americans work harder than most in the developed world while also taking less time away for vacation. Getting away is too many fail to do. It is a fact that taking time away is very good for your health. Vacation, even if it is just a little trip to a wilderness cabin by the lake can offer many health benefits including lowering your stress levels which in turn will lessen the risk of heart disease. Studies also show that [...]

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Time in Nature

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With the hustle and bustle of every day, we have moved more and more away from spending time in nature. We are constantly on our phones and tablets, working and shuffling our families around leaving us little time to spend in nature the way we used to. It used to be that those who were stressed were thought to be drawn to more and more screen time due to the current state of their mental status. It was thought screen time helped those with anxiety or depression by taking them away from the circumstances that were causing anxiety and depression. [...]

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