The Blue Zones

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Have you ever heard of the “blue zones” before? If you have never heard of the “blue zones” they are areas of the world where, on average, people live into their 90’s and 100’s. Not only are they living to a ripe old age, but they are also living healthy, vibrant, active and medical assistance free lives. There are five blue zones in the world, and they are: The Italian island of Sardinia Okinawa, Japan Loma Linda, California Costa Rica’s isolated Nicoya Peninsula Ikaria, an isolated Greek island Dan Buettner was the one who coined the phrase “blue zones” when [...]

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What Your Body May Be Telling You

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Feeling short of breath? Unusual anxiety or emotional stress? Nausea or vomiting? Pay attention to what your body may be telling you. I think most of us have assumed or been told what the signs of a heart attack are. We often associate the symptoms of a heart attack with a tight squeezing in the chest, and pain in the left arm. At least that is what I always had understood the signs to be. But medical experts have revealed that a heart attack, especially in women, does not always follow the “classic signs” of what a heart attack may [...]

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