As we come closer to the end of a long time of physical distancing we are slowly working towards reconnecting with family, friends, and co-workers. This creates such a positive atmosphere after such a long time of having physical distancing measures in place. We have experienced a huge shift in the way we interact, and it seems it will still take time before we can completely return to normal.

The recent events of COVID-19 have dramatically altered the emotional climate around the world and have likely caused a permanent change in the way we interact, express our emotions and our social interactions.

The positive side to finally re-opening our province and our country, of course, is the hopeful reduction in loneliness. As we talked about in our last blog, The Disease of Loneliness, it seems that the fallout of the distancing that has been in place can almost be as bad if not worse than the virus we are trying to avoid.

Loneliness is bad for your health, and the “cure” is reconnection to loved ones.

While going out in the community you can see people having gatherings in their yards with neighbours and family and that is heartwarming. Likely no attention would have been paid to these things in the past, but now more than ever it is an attention grabber. Seeing people in restaurants and stores once again, and travel trailers on the roads and highways almost bring a breath of relief and a smile after feeling so tense with the distancing measures in place.

Seeing kids on playgrounds and running in the park brings joy once again. The feeling of community seems to be reinforced with all that we have experienced.

Perhaps in all that we have lost, we have gained positive things from this situation as well. We embrace the value of life and time with loved ones even more. We have come to appreciate what it means to have the freedom to go where we want to and when unrestricted and realized what freedoms we have here in this beautiful country we live in.

May you take this opportunity to see the beauty and joy in life and not waste a single moment, but rather experience all that it has to offer you.

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