What Have We Learned?

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If you were to sit and reflect on the last 6 months, what have we learned? Do you remember in March when everyone was completely crazy about stocking up on toilet paper supplies? People were lined up outside of Costco waiting for them to open and racing to the back of the store in the hopes of grabbing a package of that precious commodity, most often leaving the store empty-handed. Even more ridiculous were the scenes of people jumping into semi-trucks as they were arriving to unload stock at the grocery stores. Fears arose as we watched places like Italy [...]

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As we come closer to the end of a long time of physical distancing we are slowly working towards reconnecting with family, friends, and co-workers. This creates such a positive atmosphere after such a long time of having physical distancing measures in place. We have experienced a huge shift in the way we interact, and it seems it will still take time before we can completely return to normal. The recent events of COVID-19 have dramatically altered the emotional climate around the world and have likely caused a permanent change in the way we interact, express our emotions and our [...]

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The Disease of Loneliness

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We around the world have been hit by a unique situation. A virus came but what may have been worse was the fallout from the virus. People have been told to “stay home”, “stay safe”, but what has been the risk to those who have been staying home and staying safe? For many, they have been socially starved. There are those who are in care facilities who would have normally had family and friends visit and help keep them positive and engaged, and now they have not been able to have people visit. The “disease” of loneliness can be just [...]

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We Are Here For You

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For many of us who have experienced the lockdowns in Canada, the question coming to the minds of most is– when will we open back up, and when we do, what will that look like? The common phrase tossed about now is “the new normal”, as our health and provincial officials talk daily about how we will again re-open, but that life will not return to the “normal” we are used to. It can cause a conflict of emotions for many as we are eagerly anticipating being able to go to a restaurant again, to get our hair cut, visit [...]

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Dying With Dignity?

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What does “dying with dignity” mean, and what has it come to? According to the World Health Organization, "All people have a right to receive high-quality care during serious illness and to a dignified death, free of overwhelming pain and in line with their spiritual and religious beliefs." In 2015 the right to die via lethal injection was enacted by the Supreme Court of Canada. The newly introduced law meant that a patient with a medical condition causing severe suffering, by the patient’s definition, could opt to die via lethal injection and this decision could be arrived at whether or not [...]

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One Gift

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As Christmas quickly approaches it is clear to see by taking a drive past a mall or any store that people are desperately out shopping for those last-minute gifts. To be honest, one has to wonder where all this commercialism came from. Why the need to spend so much to shower people with gifts that will likely be forgotten or sit collecting dust in the months and years to come? People spend and spend until they have nothing left, and worse than that they often buy things on credit and then spend the next year paying it off. I think [...]

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Un-Natural Cleaning Products

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When it comes to cleaning your home what products are you using? Most people will likely be using some sort of un-natural cleaning products specific to the task at hand. Bottles, sprays and detergents that turn out, usually, to have a ton of chemicals in them. For many, they are not as concerned about using a cleaning product that may be more natural, as the thought process tends to be that it is not harmful since it is not going on or in their body. Let’s take a closer look at this. Studies show that the average home has approximately [...]

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Seasonal Allergies

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If you are living in the Prince George area, you likely have observed much of the snow is finally starting to disappear, but what you may have also noticed is something called snow mold. Never heard of it? Snow mold may sometimes appear as small black masses but usually looks like cobwebs along the grass. It does not stay around for long and normally when the weather gets warmer the sun kills it. Snow mold is just one of the many culprits that can cause people to experience what is known as seasonal allergies. What are the symptoms of seasonal allergies? [...]

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Self Care

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No matter what age you are self-care is important. For those who care for others most of their days, the term self-care may seem foreign, but it is a term that is becoming more and more used and its significance increasingly important. I see those who are in their 60’s or beyond as having been caregivers to their children and to their spouses for the biggest part of their lives. They have spent a good part of their lives caring for others without too much thought about taking time to care for themselves. Back in the day, self-care would have [...]

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Muscle Cramps

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There are many names for this horrible experience: In Italy they are called “vecchia” which means old woman, in France “bequille” which means crutch, in the Netherlands “ijsbeen” which means ice leg, and in Portugal, “paralitica” or the paralyzer. Here in Canada “charley horse” is a common name for them, but whatever you call them muscle cramps can be immobilizing and excruciating! When you are suffering from them everyone is quick to jump on the bandwagon with what they believe to be the right remedy for them, but I think it is important to get the root cause of them [...]

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