Nutrition for Health

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When it comes to our overall health these days allopathic doctors are often quick to cure what ails us with a pill or antibiotic or some other form of unnatural band-aide for our condition. What has been long forgotten is what Hippocrates said: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” There was nothing said about loading our systems with medication. This is not to say that we never need to take medication, but not everything that ails us needs to be sorted out with a pill. In fact, with good nutrition, we can often avoid the need [...]

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Wildfires and Your Health

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If you are a resident of Prince George and have been here throughout the summer, you will have tolerated a large amount of smoke over the last couple of months due to wildfires across BC.  While others throughout BC have complained of the smoke in their areas, I believe that we in the Northern parts of BC have taken the brunt of it. Last year, we also had a lot of smoke to deal with, but this year, in particular, I noted some of the direct effects of the smoke on my own health. I have spent the last couple [...]

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