Getting Away

When was the last time you took a vacation? Time out away from your job and everyday life? On average North Americans work harder than most in the developed world while also taking less time away for vacation. Getting away is too many fail to do.

It is a fact that taking time away is very good for your health. Vacation, even if it is just a little trip to a wilderness cabin by the lake can offer many health benefits including lowering your stress levels which in turn will lessen the risk of heart disease. Studies also show that time away can offer one a better outlook on life in general.

Many businesses now require their employees to take a vacation each year as they are aware of the health benefits, both mentally and physically. In Canada, employers are required to provide paid leave for vacation time to their employees; specifications varying by province.

Some of the benefits of vacation include improved mental and physical health, better family relationships, and decreased breakdowns due to stress.

According to a Framingham Heart Study in 1992, workers were tracked for over 20 years and the results of the study showed that the men who did not take vacations were 30% more likely to have a heart attack. For women, the results were much more shocking showing a staggering 50% increased risk.

Research shows that even just planning the vacation gives the person planning it a much-needed mental boost even up to eight full weeks before the actual vacation.

For many the concern over the cost of a vacation weighs heavily on them, however, not taking a vacation may end up costing more in the end in terms of health. Not taking a vacation can lead to added stress, then in turn forcing time away from work leading to missed income.

Still another concern is for those who may have elderly or shut-in family members they care for. Who will take care of them if you decide to take time away? The stress and concern of this type of situation is huge. Cariboo Home and Health Care can help. We offer companion care services to help you care for those you love while you are taking time away, or even just while you are working during the day. We also offer palliative care and cover transportation and other home care needs. If you have family members who need care, and you have been contemplating time away, but are not sure who will care for your loved one(s), contact us today to see how we can help. Your family members are in good hands.

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