Festive Fall Activities

As you will have likely been noticing the daylight hours are getting shorter, the temperatures are dipping lower during the night and early mornings, and there are even some leaves changing colours already and – yes falling.  All of this to signify the Fall season is just around the corner. Those lazy days of summer will meld into the advent of sweaters, long pants, and pumpkin spiced lattes that most of us love.

For some,  this can mean a slight sadness. Those who find themselves with “cabin fever” during the long winter months may start to feel a pang of sadness knowing after Fall comes winter and that feeling of being cooped up coming around again.

What can you do to lift the mood for yourself or perhaps a loved one who tends to be shut in during the colder seasons?

Here are some ideas:

Plan a walk in the beautiful leaves. Whether young or old, I believe there are not many who don’t enjoy a crisp walk with the sun shining and the sound of the leaves crunching under their feet. Getting out into the beautiful crispness can bring a sense of joy, perhaps while sipping one of those pumpkin spice lattes!

Switch the closet around. Putting a positive spin on the new season ahead by bringing out favourite cozy sweaters, pants and even hats and scarves can bring excitement to the season ahead.

Planning inside projects or activities. This is a great time to make a list of the things you would like to get done over the next several months. Things that you would not normally do during the summer months. Maybe looking for a new puzzle that will take some time to put together or getting supplies for an indoor project that needs to be tackled. For those who not as mobile, perhaps a new colouring book and pencil crayons. Yes, that is right, colouring is not just for kids! In fact, colouring has been shown to reduce stress in adults and helps to unlock memories of simpler times when we were kids. Putting on some nice music and pouring a nice cup of tea can be a great way to spend the afternoon.

Baking. Summer is normally too warm to get any baking done, but with the cooler temperatures coming, this is a great time to start rolling out the dough! Perhaps making some cookies to take to a tea with friends or to a bible study or church group.

Prepare for celebrations. With fall celebrations such as Thanksgiving, it can be a good time to prepare with creating festive decorations.

Learn a hobby. It can be very rewarding and positive to create something with your own hands. Learning to knit or crochet and even making simple projects such as throws can be very satisfying and can help pass the time indoors when the weather is less than favourable.

There are many ideas that can help you or a loved one pass the time and enjoy the coming season, explore something new today!

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