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For many of us who have experienced the lockdowns in Canada, the question coming to the minds of most is– when will we open back up, and when we do, what will that look like?

The common phrase tossed about now is “the new normal”, as our health and provincial officials talk daily about how we will again re-open, but that life will not return to the “normal” we are used to.

It can cause a conflict of emotions for many as we are eagerly anticipating being able to go to a restaurant again, to get our hair cut, visit family, and maybe go to the park.

What will likely remain for a long time will be the fear of being around and close to others.

This is unfortunate on so many fronts.

Humans are meant for contact, for touching and for hugging. We thrive on human touch. It seems we have literally now been taught to fear our fellow man. Friends or family that you used to greet with a hug, how will we greet them now? Will we just smile and wave? In time we will see.

I sometimes think the residual behaviours and fears instilled in us are almost worse than the virus we have been trying to avoid.

The loneliness that being locked down has caused for so many will soon be slowly replaced by some comfort in knowing that a visitor can now once again come, family can stop by, and friends can meet up in a park.

This situation has surely turned all of our worlds upside down in so many ways, however, there is cautious optimism in knowing that those who have not been able to work will once again return to providing for their loved ones, and slowly we will carry on.

We at Cariboo Home and Health services are sensitive to the needs of our seniors and other clients. We are once again making ourselves available for cleaning services on an as-needed basis.

We would like to advise that although we normally pride ourselves on being “green” when it comes to the cleaning products we use, we have had to make some temporary adjustments to ensure we are using products that will “knock out” any contaminates or possible virus.

As an essential service, we are here for you, when you are ready for us to return to your homes again and our staff is caring and compassionate to all who have been in this struggle together.

Together we will move forward again.

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