What is Your Purpose?

//What is Your Purpose?

What is Your Purpose?

What is purpose?



  1. the reason for which anything is done, created, or exists


As humans it is important we serve a purpose; it is important we have a reason to exist. We all desire to be useful and needed. Throughout our early years of life, we all have a purpose. When we are young we are meant to be learning, going to school each day, growing, and we are constantly in motion with school, sports and making new friendships. We are truly alive. As we grow older we are busy with post-secondary school, jobs, getting married, and raising children. Our lives are full of purpose.

What then happens to the older generation when their kids are grown, and they retire from their jobs? What is the driving force that gets the older generation out of bed each day? What is their purpose?

Once those daily activities of work and raising children are done, it is important to replace those activities with something new. Activities and purpose go hand in hand.

I am sure if you think about it, you can call to mind an older person or older couple who still take care of their own home and still tend to animals and their yard. I know of several and they are well into their 80’s. They are really quite amazing! In the winter months, and you know how long the winters can be in Prince George, they are out snow blowing their long driveways. In the spring and summer, they are busy cutting the grass, tending to animals and gardening. They are walking their dogs and going to weekly activities such as a quilting club, or Bible studies. They are healthy, well, and full of purpose.

On the other hand, I can also think of older people I have known who retire and go on to simply sit in their little apartment doing little more than watching tv for the day. The story often is followed by their children placing them in a care facility of some sort as their health declines. And inevitably, the pass on.

I strongly believe the difference and the quality of lives in the two situations has a whole lot to do with purpose.

For the older couple with their home, yard and animals to take care of each day, their life is full of purpose. Their home must be maintained and animals must be cared for and fed. There is a reason to get out of bed each day.

But, for the aging senior who no longer has activities to keep them engaged in the world; to them, maybe without even consciously thinking about it, they may feel they no longer have a purpose and this is why they decline and eventually fade away.

It is important for people, as they age, to replace activities they did while they were younger with new activities. This does not mean having to own a farm. However, even owning an animal such as a cat or dog can keep purpose alive for some.









Just the act of having to make sure an animal is fed and cared for or walked daily a few times can add exercise to a seniors life, and interaction with others a senior may meet along the way. This creates incredible purpose.

Studies show the following top 10 benefits of owning a pet:

1) Pets lower blood pressure and pulse rate

2) 21% fewer visits to the doctor

3) Less depression

4) Easier to make friends (enhanced social opportunities)

5) Seniors become more active

6) Pets offer affection and unconditional love

7) Pets ease loss of a loved one

8) Pets fight loneliness

9) Seniors take better care of themselves

10) Sense of security

How a pet can bring companionship and purpose to a senior’s life

Chickens have recently become a popular “therapy animal” and they are even being brought into retirement communities and long-term care facilities to brighten and lift the spirits of those who are living there.

A recent study has shown that loneliness can be as damaging to one’s health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day and another study has concluded that loneliness increases the likelihood of developing dementia by 64%!

Do you know, or are you, an aging senior? What can you do to help decrease feelings of loneliness and lack of purpose? Perhaps it is by joining weekly group activities which can bring life to those who would normally just be sitting at home. Maybe joining a bowling group, a weekly bible study or anything that creates a routine of getting out of the house or caring for something else can really serve to keep the older generation active and involved.

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