Blue Bottle Program

You may not have heard of the Blue Bottle Program but, imagine for a moment if you will, your elderly mom has been prescribed a new medication. Mom is pretty much on the ball most of the time, however, she can sometimes be forgetful. When you took her to her appointment her regular doctor was not available and the doctor filling in prescribed her a new medication. You then took her to have the prescription filled at the local pharmacy. The pharmacist was careful to explain the instructions to your mom, and you also reviewed them with her when you dropped her off at home.

Blue Bottle Program

Mom was tired and decided to lay down and have a nap after you left. When she awoke, she was a little confused and although she had already taken her medication a couple hours earlier, she took another dose as well as a medication she was to no longer use. It seems the new medication, and some other medications your mom had been prescribed by her regular doctor resulted in an absolute contraindication.

Your mom, not feeling right at all decides to call 911 and then becomes unconscious a few moments later.

A short while later the paramedics arrive at your mom’s door. They knock, there is no answer. The paramedics gain entry to the home and find your mom unconscious on the living room floor by the phone.

This is where time becomes critical. The paramedics with little knowledge of what is going on with your mom have to assess her and perform life-saving measures. However, for the most part, they are blind to what could have caused your mom to be unconscious. Precious moments are passing as the paramedics are doing what they can to get your mom responsive and stabilized.

Depending on how quickly the paramedics have arrived, and what they are able to assess will be the difference possibly as to whether she makes it or not.

Did you know that on average seniors take 3-6 medications on a regular basis? These could include prescription drugs, over the counter medications, vitamins, herbal products and even laxatives. With that average, there are many possible side effects to medications, and even foods can react. Often seniors cannot even name the medications they are on. Forgetfulness, confusion, sight, memory problems and not following instructions can lead to serious complications. The side effects of prescribed medications are also often not explained to the people taking them.

It is estimated that more than 4,000 Canadians die each year due to misuse (including non-intentional) of everyday prescription drugs.

Further, many lab tests and studies of medications are performed on university students and younger aged people, not people who are elderly with aged and possibly compromised organs, such as kidneys and the liver.

It is imperative for people to know the names of the medications they are taking, how they work, how long they are to take them, and whether they are to avoid certain foods, vitamins or other medications while on the prescribed medication.

So, what if there was a way to increase your mom’s chances of survival? There is.

In Prince George, there is a program called the Blue Bottle Program. This is a kit which includes a blue bottle and a form for people to record information crucial for emergency medical personnel when attending to a health crisis, especially if the individual is unconscious and unable to provide this information themselves. The form, once completed, is placed in the blue bottle and stored in the freezer section of the refrigerator. There is a sticker then placed on the fridge and the main entry door to the home which informs emergency medical responders where to find the blue bottle.

Seconds save lives.

Blue Bottles are available, free of charge at the following locations:

Prince George Council of Seniors 721 Victoria Street (250) 564-5888

Hart Drugs 6707 Dagg Road 250.962.9666

Evergreen Pharmacy 1467 Third Avenue (250) 564-7147

Phoenix Dispensary 103-2155 Tenth Avenue (250) 562-3383

As well, you can find out more information about the Medication Awareness Workshop put on by the Prince George Council of Seniors by calling 250.564.5888

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