On the Move

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If you are native to Prince George, you will know that winter is NOT the time of year to consider a move. After all, who would want to be loading up a moving truck in -23C, unless you have hired help? Not me I can assure you! But, as we near the end of February, we start to notice the “warmer” weather. You know, those days where it is not in the double digits below zero. And alas, it begins to feel like spring is just around the corner. With that, folks begin to emerge from their cozy wood-heated homes [...]

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Time to Declutter

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One of the best ways to welcome the new year is to purge your home of things that have been needlessly taking up space for the last 12 months or things that no longer serve a purpose to us.  Perhaps you are preparing to downsize and move from a home to a condo. Perhaps you have recently lost a loved one. Everything you own should support the vision of the life you want; everything you own should have purpose. The best way to tackle decluttering is slow and steady and by working room by room, being sure to completely finish [...]

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