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As we come closer to the end of a long time of physical distancing we are slowly working towards reconnecting with family, friends, and co-workers. This creates such a positive atmosphere after such a long time of having physical distancing measures in place. We have experienced a huge shift in the way we interact, and it seems it will still take time before we can completely return to normal. The recent events of COVID-19 have dramatically altered the emotional climate around the world and have likely caused a permanent change in the way we interact, express our emotions and our [...]

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The Disease of Loneliness

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We around the world have been hit by a unique situation. A virus came but what may have been worse was the fallout from the virus. People have been told to “stay home”, “stay safe”, but what has been the risk to those who have been staying home and staying safe? For many, they have been socially starved. There are those who are in care facilities who would have normally had family and friends visit and help keep them positive and engaged, and now they have not been able to have people visit. The “disease” of loneliness can be just [...]

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