Christmas Presence

With Christmas once again upon us, we witness all around us the busyness and rushing around of those who are out frantically buying up gifts for their family and friends. Parking lots are filled with those competing for the next available spot; drivers looking frustrated and tired. Christmas parties, Christmas concerts, kids off from school, there certainly seems to be no end to the activities vying for our constant attention, and no end to the amount we will spend trying to buy the latest gadgets, jewellery, fashions and toys for those we love.

One cannot help but wonder though if this is the true meaning of Christmas.

If we think about the “reason for the season” and maybe focus on the miracle of the very first Christmas, we will be reminded of the celebration of a new baby, and people coming together to celebrate that child. We will be reminded of the simple things, such as the Peace, Love, Joy and especially Hope.

I wonder if we took a step back and focussed on Christmas presence, rather than Christmas presents, would we be reminded of what the season is truly about?

Christmas Presence vs. Christmas Presents

Maybe spending time with our loved ones walking in the beauty of winter, snow all around. Meeting with a friend over a nice cup of hot chocolate. Taking time to enjoy a Christmas dinner with family and friends; no electronic gadgets to distract us.  Truly engage and talk to one another, and make memories, and reminisce of times gone by, maybe celebrate those who have gone before us. Perhaps curl up by the fire with a loved one. Visit those in a nursing home who are lonely without their families, or take time out to volunteer or serve in a soup kitchen and bring warmth and joy to those who are cold, hungry and in need of some kindness.

I wonder if going back to keeping things simple, and reflecting on what this season is about, would bring us more joy than the hustle and bustle and the latest gadget?

During this Christmas season, we would like to encourage you to take a moment and reflect on what brings you joy and how you can bring joy to others. For Peace, Love, Joy and Hope are what this season is about. Enjoy the beauty around you, unplug your electronics and plug into your family. Make the most of this season and find hope and renewal. Build yourself and others up, rather than allowing consumerism wear you down.

Take time for Christmas presence more than Christmas presents.

Merry Christmas from all of us at Cariboo Home and Health Services



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