Seasonal Stress

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year… or is it? For many, this time of year can bring on stress. And lots of it. Christmas shopping, office parties, Christmas concerts, dinners, and decorating. It’s a whirlwind of activity and expenses that are not always warmly anticipated. It can also be a very sad time for some. It’s the time when most families gather around the table and break bread together. But what about those who have no family or are unable to travel to be with family. What about those who have lost loved ones? Still, others are not [...]

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Christmas Presence

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With Christmas once again upon us, we witness all around us the busyness and rushing around of those who are out frantically buying up gifts for their family and friends. Parking lots are filled with those competing for the next available spot; drivers looking frustrated and tired. Christmas parties, Christmas concerts, kids off from school, there certainly seems to be no end to the activities vying for our constant attention, and no end to the amount we will spend trying to buy the latest gadgets, jewellery, fashions and toys for those we love. One cannot help but wonder though if [...]

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