Seasonal Stress

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… or is it?

For many, this time of year can bring on stress. And lots of it.

Christmas shopping, office parties, Christmas concerts, dinners, and decorating. It’s a whirlwind of activity and expenses that are not always warmly anticipated.

It can also be a very sad time for some. It’s the time when most families gather around the table and break bread together. But what about those who have no family or are unable to travel to be with family. What about those who have lost loved ones? Still, others are not able to get out and about to get the things done they wish they could, bringing added frustration.

In short, this time of year can bring a mix of emotions; joy, sadness, and of course stress.

How can we navigate through the season without suffering the ill effects of negative emotions?

The first thing is to be mindful of whether this is a difficult time of year for you, and if so, how you will manage it?

Action, rather than reaction.

Being prepared can help mitigate the feelings stress, overwhelm, loneliness and other emotions that can emerge at this time of year.

If you have lost loved ones and this season leaves you feeling lonely and sad, perhaps reach out to your local community of seniors, or applicable age groups and join in activities they have going on. While it may not replace the sadness of lost loved ones, we remember at Christmas especially, it can help to pivot your thoughts, feelings, and emotions in another direction and give you something to look forward to.

Shopping for many people? That can cause a ton of stress! While there is just over a month until Christmas, it is a good time to organize what gifts you need to buy and get them taken care of sooner rather than later not wait until the last minute. Need help? We can assist in getting you to the store if you are not able to get there on your own.

Stay within your budget! Easier said than done – I know! However, if you can try and stick to this rule, it will make things much less stressful both now, and when the bills roll in come January.

Remember what the season is about. While some celebrate the birth of Jesus, others simply use this time of year to enjoy the magic of the snow, the beauty of the decorations and the warmth of family. Whatever your reason to celebrate, remember that the celebration of the season is more important than the gifts and how much you spend. In a month or so most gifts will have lost their novelty, and you may still be paying for them. Remember Christmas presence is much more important than Christmas presents!

Take some time for self-care. What do I mean by that? Take time for you. Yes – YOU! Love going for a nice quiet walk alone? Or perhaps a friend and enjoy a hot drink after? Then do that.

Enjoy getting a pedicure, but never want to indulge yourself? Do!

Get YOURSELF a Christmas present.

Perhaps another way to bring joy into your season is to give back, and it may cost you nothing but a little of your time. Look for local volunteer opportunities. Often giving our time to a person or people who need it is more rewarding to us in the end.

Remember to slow down a little, enjoy the beauty of the season around you, and do take time for you too.


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