Are You Feeling SAD?

Its that time of year again where the days begin to get shorter, colder, and the snow will soon start to fly.

For those of us in Prince George, the latter part of the summer was perhaps spent avoiding the outdoors due to the smoke from the wildfires. We have, however, been blessed with a beautiful September and October as the fall rolled in.

For some though, this is where things begin to change emotionally, especially with the limited exposure to daylight.

Perhaps you have heard of Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD?

For anyone affected by the disorder, the symptoms can range from mild to nearly crippling requiring professional help.

Do you recognize any of these signs in you or your loved ones?


Disheartened or deflated:

Feelings of self-loathing, hopelessness

Joint and muscle pain:

Everything hurts for seemingly no reason


Anger, agitation, restlessness, feeling like you are on an emotional roller coaster

Weight / Appetite:

You experience feelings of not wanting to eat or want to eat all of the time. Perhaps your weight is fluctuating up and down like a yo-yo


Feeling jittery, stressed out, feelings of inability to cope


Unusual or uncharacteristic behaviour, gambling, substance sexual recklessness


Mental and/or physical, feeling heavy, regular activities seem exhausting

Lack of focus:

Problems with concentration or trouble remembering routine things

Withdrawal from life:

Avoiding social activities, personal hygiene, social habits

Sleep difficulties:

Feeling like sleeping all the time, or inability to sleep


While one or two of these symptoms do not mean you are affected by SAD, it is important to be aware of the symptoms and note whether a visit to your family doctor is warranted. Most often, there is a family history of SAD, and those who have experienced major depression or bipolar disorder are more likely to be affected by SAD.

Should more symptoms be present, there are therapies to help with this disorder. These therapies include light therapy, psychotherapy, music, and art therapy, guided meditation, and medication.

One thing we can be thankful in our community of Prince George is the amount of sunshine we do normally get throughout the year which can help with the long cold season, but still many can be affected by SAD perhaps by feeling shut in and not able to drive or get to regular social events.

If you are a loved one is noticing more than one or two of these symptoms, it would be worthwhile speaking with your family doctor and seeing what benefits one of the therapies listed above could offer.

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