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Blue Bottle Program

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You may not have heard of the Blue Bottle Program but, imagine for a moment if you will, your elderly mom has been prescribed a new medication. Mom is pretty much on the ball most of the time, however, she can sometimes be forgetful. When you took her to her appointment her regular doctor was not available and the doctor filling in prescribed her a new medication. You then took her to have the prescription filled at the local pharmacy. The pharmacist was careful to explain the instructions to your mom, and you also reviewed them with her when you [...]

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Caring for Our Elderly Parent(s)

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The question was raised recently, “how do I, as a daughter, get my elderly father to take an active roll in taking care of himself? Now that my mom is gone, he looks to me to solve all the problems she used to. When I visit I trim his eyebrows for him, take him to get his hair cut, clean his house, wash his clothes, remind him to change his clothes, wash his face, and have a shower. It’s been two years since my mother died, and I see no improvement. What can I do to get him to take [...]

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